Empowering Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and retention is an underrated key to business success. Happy employees are more likely to be more productive – while high turnover and disengaged staff can cost severely cost business.

In our latest episode of HerSuccess, Michelle Lee Vice President and HR Business Partner spoke to Chris Atiyah about building successful company cultures, and how to successfully engage staff and ultimately improve productivity and retention.

Employee engagement may seem straightforward, but as organizations grow and change it can often be overlooked. Here are 5 key steps for leaders to help empower employee engagement in your organization.

Key steps to empower employee engagement:

  • Implement regular communication

Set up town hall meetings and updates to make sure employees are informed and aware of changes that are happening in their organization.

  • Act on employee feedback

When asking for feedback or sharing surveys make sure to use that information to make improvements. Make sure you show staff how you are acting on their feedback.


‘You have to really make that part of the culture, and show that you, you're really committed to improving engagement. You're not just having them complete a survey and putting it on the shelf for a year. 'Cause then employees will not respond. And engagement, will actually go down if you don't respond to the survey.’

  • Analyze data

Use your data, whether from surveys, exit interviews, turnover etc to identify trends and find the root cause for issues in retention and engagement.


  • Foster effective leadership

Develop a culture of leadership with open communication, where employee contributions are valued and there is open dialogue.


  • Opportunities for development

Encourage employees to engage in mentorship and self-development opportunities to enhance their skills and career growth.


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