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Every episode of HerSuccess features in-depth interviews with accomplished women who have made significant strides in their respective fields - uncover the untold, inspiring stories of female leaders who'll share their advice, tips, and guidance to excel in your career. 

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HerSuccess is a podcast that interviews successful, dynamic females in Engineering & Technology to inspire the next generation of diverse leaders in these industries.

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Yesenia Sevilla: Innovating Beyond Boundaries
May 15, 2024x
00:36:1033.13 MB

Yesenia Sevilla: Innovating Beyond Boundaries

Yesenia Sevilla is the Director of Strategic Engagement and Ecosystem Development at Vanderbilt University, but Yesenia's career journey has been anything but linear. Speaking to host Chris Atiyah, Yesenia shares insights on embracing possibility and seizing opportunities, likening her career...

Heidi Wyle - Petri Dish Discoveries to Autonomous Tech
May 01, 2024x
00:31:4229.03 MB

Heidi Wyle - Petri Dish Discoveries to Autonomous Tech

Heidi Wyle is the CEO and Founder of Venti Technologies; from a lower socio-economic background, she excelled through her love of learning, achieving a bachelor's from Brown, an MBA from Harvard, and a Ph.D. from MIT. She started in biotech when the industry was in its infancy, and following ...

Jamila Parham: Innovation and Inclusion with the Tech Unicorn
April 17, 2024x
00:27:5525.56 MB

Jamila Parham: Innovation and Inclusion with the Tech Unicorn

Jamila Parham's fascination with technology ignited in childhood when she played video games with her brother. Raised on the south side of Chicago, Jamila attended DePaul University School of Computing. However, she soon realized that STEM lacked diversity and inclusion, reflecting a disparity ...

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Inspiring the next generation of diverse leaders in the technology and engineering industries.

Christopher Atiyah
HerSuccess Host & CEO of Engtal

Chris is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with over ten years of experience in staffing for Engineering & Technology companies.

He’s the CEO of Engtal and the Founder of Diversify The Future, a Chicago-based nonprofit committed to balancing the scales of diversity in the STEM world.

As a recruitment specialist in the Engineering & Tech world, Engtal knows only too well the challenges females face in these industries.

Under 16% of Engineers are female, which continues to decline as you look at more senior management roles.

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