Yesenia Sevilla: Innovating Beyond Boundaries
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Yesenia Sevilla: Innovating Beyond Boundaries

Yesenia Sevilla is the Director of Strategic Engagement and Ecosystem Development at Vanderbilt University, but Yesenia's career journey has been anything but linear.

Speaking to host Chris Atiyah, Yesenia shares insights on embracing possibility and seizing opportunities, likening her career approach to carrying a toolbelt and a backpack.

She emphasizes the importance of cultivating an innovative mindset, the key to driving real transformation.

Yesenia advocates for individuals to forge their paths, urging them not to be constrained by others' career expectations. She recounts the process of creating and pitching her current role, offering valuable lessons on crafting your professional trajectory.

This episode is an inspiring testament to the power of personal ownership and the pursuit of unconventional career paths.

This episode explores:

· Yesenia’s career and background

· Advice on building your career to your strengths and skills

· Carving out your own role in the workplace

· An exploration of the ‘phygital’ revolution

· Strategies on how to innovate and build an innovative mindset

About Yesenia

Yesenia B. Sevilla is a dynamic TEDx speaker with over 25 years of diverse leadership experience spanning global biotech and healthcare industries, consulting, and higher education innovation. Her journey has been marked by a commitment to inclusive innovation and collaboration, guided by her roles as a Connector, Innovator, Collaborator, Builder, and Leader. Currently serving as the Director of Strategic Engagement & Ecosystem Development at Vanderbilt University, Yesenia is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and galvanizing connections within the Nashville innovation ecosystem. Previously, she held positions as Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy at Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida, respectively. Yesenia's expertise lies in nurturing innovation mindsets, mentoring minority and female entrepreneurs, and spearheading collaborative projects that drive sustainable community development. As an Innovation Advisor for GLCC and through her consultancy work, Yesenia continues to champion inclusive innovation and empower individuals to thrive in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

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