Jamila Parham: Innovation and Inclusion with the Tech Unicorn
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Jamila Parham: Innovation and Inclusion with the Tech Unicorn

Jamila Parham's fascination with technology ignited in childhood when she played video games with her brother. Raised on the south side of Chicago, Jamila attended DePaul University School of Computing. However, she soon realized that STEM lacked diversity and inclusion, reflecting a disparity Jamila wanted to change for the better. Thus, The Tech Unicorn was born. The Tech Unicorn embarked on a quest to empower 'unicorns'—those hidden figures within STEM communities. Through mentorship, impactful projects, and strategic partnerships, The Tech Unicorn paves the way for aspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive in STEM-related industries. Jamila Parham's brainchild isn't merely about breaking barriers but building bridges and fostering a community where everyone can shine. This episode explores: • Jamila’s discusses her journey from growing up in Chicago to becoming the founder of the Tech Unicorn. • Importance of DEI in the tech industry and creating inclusive environments • Jamila’s experiences of overcoming challenges and advocating for underrepresented communities. • Jamila’s insights and advice for careers in tech • AI and technology policy to ensure inclusivity and accountability


About Jamila Parham Jamila Parham, affectionately known as "The Tech Unicorn," has harbored a deep-seated love for technology since her formative years, where she found solace in video games and the realms of science fiction. Hailing proudly from Chicago, she has emerged as a prominent figure in the tech community, recognized for her leadership acumen and unwavering dedication to civic technology. Throughout her illustrious 15-year career, Jamila has garnered acclaim as an award-winning tech leader and a fervent advocate for STEM education. Driven by her commitment to public service, she tirelessly endeavors to cultivate a more inclusive and diverse tech landscape, advocating tirelessly for underrepresented communities in STEM fields. Central to her mission is The Tech Unicorn™, a groundbreaking initiative she spearheaded to drive social impact through STEM engagement. With a focus on amplifying voices and empowering marginalized groups, The Tech Unicorn™ is dedicated to narrowing the opportunity gap in STEM for youth, women, and people of color. Through mentorship and comprehensive development programs, Jamila aims to dismantle barriers and foster the next generation of STEM leaders and entrepreneurs.

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