Scaling sustainably: Achieving growth and equitable compensation
HerSuccessOctober 18, 2023x
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Scaling sustainably: Achieving growth and equitable compensation

Anuja Gokhale, VP of Engineering at Payscale speaks to host Chris Atiyah about her career journey, the intersection of business and engineering, and how to achieve sustainable growth and equitable compensation in the tech industry.

Anuja shares her insights on over-hiring in tech and how companies can look to scale more sustainably as well as experiences from advancing the career ladder into management, while maintaining a balance with the technical and hands-on engineering.

About Anuja Gokhale Anuja Gokhale is an experienced technology leader with over 20 years of experience managing and scaling engineering teams to design and deliver complex and scalable solutions.

Anuja is currently the Vice President of Engineering at PayScale, an industry leader in the compensation data and technology field. Prior to that, Anuja held various senior leadership roles at several household name companies, including Chewy, athenahealth and ADP.

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