Leslie Vickrey - If you can see it, you can be it
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Leslie Vickrey - If you can see it, you can be it

Leslie Vickrey is a woman on a mission - she wants to empower other women to thrive by achieving their dreams in the world of work; following a successful career in recruitment, she's the Founder and CEO of ClearEdge, a specialist boutique agency that supports staffing firms with their marketing strategies.

She's also the author of 'Together We Rise,' a collective book filled with women's personal and professional journeys from the staffing industry.

Leslie talks openly about her childhood and how her Mom was a huge role model.

Leslie also discusses the challenges of being a woman rising in her career, including societal barriers - such as 'The Motherhood Tax,' breaking down barriers, and how taking action is the path to progress.

This episode explores:

• Leslie's career journey in the staffing and technology industry

• Entrepreneurship and the conception of her business ClearEdge

• How we can support diversity in leadership

• Fostering innovation and success

• Leslie’s involvement in publishing Together We Rise

• Progress in gender equality and what still needs to be done


About Leslie Vickrey

Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, is a pioneering figure in marketing and technology. With over 17 years at the helm, she's renowned for her expertise and advocacy for women in tech. As the Head of Marketing for Spherion’s technology division, she identified a niche, leading to the establishment of ClearEdge Marketing in 2006. Leslie co-founded ARA to support women in tech and is involved in various influential organizations, including the Women Business Collaborative and the American Staffing Association. Her achievements include recognition as one of Chicago’s innovators and entrepreneurs, induction into the UIC Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, and being named one of the Enterprising Women of the Year. Leslie is also an author and hosts "TheEdge" podcast, showcasing women leaders.

Committed to giving back, she serves on the Board for the College of Business Administration at Central Michigan University and engages in public speaking on marketing and diversity. Leslie has and continues to achieve significant impact, driving positive change in the talent and tech industries.


Together We Rise

About Engtal

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