Katelyn Arnold - Age of Ambition
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Katelyn Arnold - Age of Ambition

In this episode Chris Atiyah interviews Katelyn Arnold, Principal Scientist and Research Assistant Professor recently named a Forbes 30 under 30 scientist. Katelyn's journey to success is an inspiring one. As a young woman, she had dreams of becoming a ballerina, but a career-ending injury forced her to pivot her focus towards science.

Katelyn's passion for science only grew, and she went on to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries that have revolutionized the industry. Her achievements are remarkable, but they did not come without challenges. In 2018, Katelyn suffered a stroke that could have derailed her career, but her resilience and determination allowed her to bounce back and continue pursuing her purpose. 

As a woman in the Life Sciences industry, Katelyn knows firsthand how isolating it can be. That's why she's made it a priority to connect with other women in the field and with other entrepreneurs, sharing lived experiences and offering support to one another. Through these connections, Katelyn has found authentic and inspirational friends and peers who have helped her along her entrepreneurial journey. 

Katelyn also speaks on what it's like to be a young woman in a traditional industry and why the perception of 'age' versus 'experience' needs to change.


This episode explores:

  • Katelyn’s background and career journey
  • Insights from a Forbes 30 under 30 listee
  • Importance of networking and mentorship
  • Overcoming challenges as a younger woman in biotech
  • Innovations in Katelyn’s research to revolutionize disease treatment


About Katelyn Arnold Katelyn Arnold is a rising star in science, earning a spot-on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in 2023. She received her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where she focused on the study of glycobiology under the guidance of Dr. Jian Liu. During her time there, Katelyn explored the potential of glycans for treating liver injuries. Now, Katelyn wears two hats: she's an Assistant Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill's Eshelman School of Pharmacy, working alongside Dr. Liu, and a Principal Scientist at Glycan Therapeutics in Raleigh, NC. At Glycan Therapeutics, she's at the forefront of developing new anti-inflammatory drugs based on synthetic heparin. Her work bridges the gap between academic research and real-world application, with a focus on making complex medical treatments more accessible and effective. Katelyn's dedication to advancing carbohydrate-based therapies promises exciting breakthroughs in medicine. Forbes 30 Under 30

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