Inclusive Conversations: The evolving diverse workplace, and how to get out of your ‘own’ way
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Inclusive Conversations: The evolving diverse workplace, and how to get out of your ‘own’ way

Jyl talks candidly about her family, who shaped her formative years lobbying for equal rights, her early beginnings within a non-linear career path plus her quest to get 'out of her own way,' and how moving towards her authentic self led to her position at Highspot and why she's working to creating a culture of unconscious inclusion.

In addition, Jyl speaks openly on how DEI is evolving in the workplace, plus why having an ecosystem approach to building a network of mentors and advocates to help you move toward the direction you want for your career is hugely beneficial.

Topics covered include:

  • Jyl’s career journey
  • DEI in the workplace
  • The importance of belonging
  • Unconscious inclusion
  • Mentorship and finding your advocates
  • Getting out of your ‘own’ way

About Jyl Feliciano

Jyl Feliciano is Global VP of DEIB at Highspot, and has over 15 years of experience shaping high-performing cultures at Fortune 500 companies, including Conagra Brands and Cognizant. Jyl specializes in leading change initiatives by challenging organizations to move beyond dialogue and into action around diversity, power, privilege, and allyship. Jyl is a recognized thought-leader in DEI&B.

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