Imagination and Engineering Innovation: The philosophy of possibility - turning ideas into practical solutions
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Imagination and Engineering Innovation: The philosophy of possibility - turning ideas into practical solutions

'Difficult doesn't mean impossible' is Yewande Akinola's mantra.

Yewande Akinola MBE is an award-winning Chartered Engineer and Innovator; her story is a remarkable one; growing up in Nigeria shaped Yewande's perspective of the world; she witnessed the infrastructure challenges her own country faced, and this sparked Yewande's purpose - to improve lives through engineered solutions. She has committed her career to creating sustainable products and systems for the built environment – putting the well-being of humanity at the heart of her work. This episode covers:

    • Yewande's journey to engineering and career.
    • Sustainability in architecture and systems design.
    • Innovation, and what makes for a truly innovative person.
    • The intersection between technology and traditional engineering.
    • Challenges and barriers faced by Yewande in her career.
    • Yewande's advice for on overcoming challenges and pursuing a fulfilling career in engineering.

About Yewande Akinola Yewande is an accomplished Engineer and Innovator, recognized for her outstanding contributions to the intersection of innovation, creativity, and technology. As a dedicated social entrepreneur and consultant, her impactful work spans Education, Engineering & Technology, and Innovation, particularly focused on fostering a sustainable built environment. With a diverse portfolio spanning the U.K., Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia, Yewande has excelled in Design, Construction, Sustainability, Strategy & Innovation, and Manufacturing of buildings, products, and systems. Holding degrees from the University of Warwick and Cranfield University, she is an MBE awardee for her services to Engineering Innovation and Diversity in STEM, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. About Engtal

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